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Sonic Fan Characters
Sonic fan characters in the above style. You can choose the colour and give recommendations for the pose. If you want something other than Sonic FCs, do ask. It may well be possible :)

Newest Deviations

I'm really sorry :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 2 0 Request- Richard :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 6 2 kiriban :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 2 0 Request- Nathan :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 5 5 Halfling Rogue Lineart :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 4 3 Halfling Rogue :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 8 17 Reference :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 3 0 Winter Shoggoth :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 12 8
The Basin of knowledge
To realms so foreign was the dreamer flung
Places where the sky hangs heavily from spitting suns
Foliage dripping, trickling by
Marbles spinning and rattling inside the eye.
The wanderer’s eyes open, only to find that those aberrations are not birds
Lines of static pulse across the sky as The One above laughs in stupor
He created it- but his memory lingers not
The turgid denizens weep, longing to look away
Their time of liberation has passed by
For it is too late for the dreamer who delves into the sky
They absorb and become as empty as the stars- and thus perishes the beautiful contrast of night and day.
Their minds teeming and squirming with words that aren’t really words
Do not learn
Now you must stay.
:iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 4 11
Silver the hedgehog :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 52 11
Gazing Skyward
Gazing Skyward
Blot it out… Claw them away, gouge until nothing remains and all is dust. Shatter them like ephemeral glass thrust from a talon of spiked, sharpened, textured darkness. All is dust.
I used to love the stars. I would look to them for guidance. I would picture soaring through their ancient light, awestruck by their hypnotic presence. I would walk along spectral beams betwixt realms of incandescent orbs. And when I would close my eyes and whisper to the darkness I could feel their gaze wrapping around my skin, cleansing me of all the petty illness of the daytime.
My realization began 4 months past- or was it too long ago- and I now feel that I must make some attempt to articulate the intangible thoughts –phantoms- drifting uneasily around my mind. I wish I could spend my days in ignorance, as blindly as possible, but I now fear that I must share this knowledge, for it is greatly preferable to experience a terror second hand rather than suffer the same vivid fate
:iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 0 0
Hunter :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 3 3 Chibi Cthulhu :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 9 0 Dreamer :iconshoggothseverywhere:ShoggothsEverywhere 5 2


Request- Richard
Finally done, sorry for taking so long!

Character belongs to :iconboomsonic514:

Art belongs to me.

I take commissions in this style for 10 points.
Check out this lovely drawing by my lovely girlfriend, Vai-chan! Chibi Practice by Vai-chan  
Bullet; Pink Types: Currently only in this style.  Silver the hedgehog by ShoggothsEverywhere  Request- Nathan by ShoggothsEverywhere But do ask if you would rather it to be in the style of something else in my gallery.
This is mainly for Sonic fan characters, but I could try doing humans or other anthro.

Bullet; Blue Pay on completion
Bullet; Blue Send me a visual reference or a picture that contains all of the parts of the character you want in the picture 
Bullet; Blue I may take a while to complete them, as I spend extended periods away from my drawing software and tablet
Bullet; Blue You can give guidelines on the pose, but I may simplify or change something I find too complicated
Bullet; Blue You choose the colour
Bullet; Blue Feel free to negotiate!

I will not draw:
Bullet; Red NSFW
Bullet; Red Animals or robots
Bullet; Red Anything discriminatory
Bullet; Red Official characters- (I could of them as requests, but I don't want to profit on established brands)

Bullet; Purple I'm aware that 10 points is fairly cheap, so I may raise this after completing a few if people are interested enough.
Check it out here: 300+ watchers raffle [open]omg this came so quickly! I was still at something like 230 just a few days ago ;o; i love you all <33 thank you so so much for noticing and supporting me, you motivate me to keep drawing and it means the world to me! here's a raffle to celebrate qwq
1st place
[unlocked] one cel-shading chibi such as these:

[unlocked] one cel-shading waist up or crayon chibi
2nd place
[unlocked] one cel-shading waist up or crayon chibi
3rd place (2 people)
[unlocked] one crayon chibi
how to enter (+1):
Bullet Purple be a watcher! new watchers always welcome <3
Bullet Purple favorite this journal
Bullet Purple comment saying you're joining
extra tickets:
Bullet Purple tag up to 8 friends (+1 per tag)
Bullet Purple make a journal/poll adve

(I also wanted to try posting a journal, I've never actually made on until now)
Just something for someone's kiriban. Will be deleted when I find out if I was successful or not. Pay no attention to it. 
Request- Nathan
My first ever request! I must say, this character was fun to draw, especially with that tail :D

Hope you like it! ultimateequilibrium.deviantart…

Character belongs fully to him.
Feel free to use it how you like, but I would love credit ;)
Halfling Rogue Lineart
I definitely prefer this to my coloured one!

Feel free to colour or use as you like, just give credit and send me a link to anything you do!
Halfling Rogue
A character I play in DnD named Hatrix.

Not too sure about the colouring, I rushed it to be honest. I think I prefer the lineart by itself.


ShoggothsEverywhere's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied

What to expect from me: I mainly post digital drawings focused around various characters. I also have an interest in writing, with emphasis on poetry. I have a special interest in all things Lovecraftian (the Cthulhu Mythos), and I create various things surrounding that.

Be as harsh as you like on my art, I'm still learning and appreciate that sort of feedback, as long as it's constructive!

I'm also fairly conversational ^^

If you want me to attempt to draw something for you, do ask, but no promises ;)

I'm also on Quotev...…


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